You can play regardless of your sex, basket level…. Only restriction is your age, you have to be at least 18 years old.

Please keep in mind that the registration is finalised only when the payment is completed. Teams will be admitted on a first-come first-served basis – No exception.

Registration is to be handled by the team’s captain who will become our contact person during the whole process.

You must register at least 4 players – up to 5 players.

We do not offer return of paid fee.

Time 4 Streetball organisers decline all responsibility in the event of theft / injury that can occur under the tournament. Participants are aware that all activities under the 2017 Time 4 Streetball tournament on August 5th are performed at THEIR OWN RISK.



  1. We must respect the referee’s decisions. He has the right to suspend a player who argues too much.

  2. Scoring rules – ones and twos.
  3. Win by two rule.
  4. Check rule. Check the ball after the game has stopped/ a team has scored.
  5. Playing time rules: Group stage games 10 minutes running time or first to 21 pts
    Semifinals: 2×7 minutes running time or first to 21 pts.
    Final: 2×7 minutes or first to 21 pts.
  6. Possession rule – 30 seconds.
  7. Personal foul on a shoot leads to a free-throw (2 three throws for long distance shot).
  8. And one rule. Foul on made shot leads to an additional free-throw.
  9. Team foul after 5 personal fouls, rewarded with a free-throw.
  10. Losers ball – When a team scores the opponent gets in offence.
  11. Paint rule – 5 seconds
  12. Substitution rule – A substitution is possible only when the ball is dead and upon ref’s instruction.
  13. Clear the ball rule – You must always start your offence from outside the 3 points line.
  14. Time out rule – One minute time out per team and per game (2 time outs per team in play-off games).
  15. Only those who enrolled in the first game may participate to the rest of the tournament.