Time to lace your basketball shoes again. The sunny days in beautiful Stockholm are coming our way. And so is our annual 3×3 tournament.

The date? August 5th. The place? ÅSÖ basketball court.

Registrations open on June 1st.

We have limited spots available and expect to be fully booked quite quickly. So check your friends, your teamates, your best opponent and ensure you get a spot.

We are planning on having some good basketball, nice side events and lots of surprises so you should definitely let your friends / family know.

Another day at Åsö!!

Thanks for your interest and support.



How to register

1. Fill in the below application form. Your team will be pre-registered for a period of 3 days.

2. We will then provide you with all the useful information regarding the payment process (120:- per player to be paid via Girot).

In case the payment is not sent in within the 3 days period, you will have to pre-register again by re-sending the form. This is due to the limited number of spots available.

3. Once the payment is finalised we will confirm your team’s registration.